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Final preparations are being made for setting up repeater 147.345 in Log Lane Village.  We have installed the new Andrew grounding kits on the new feed-line for the tower.  We also performed a final alignment on the repeater.  George has the new "hamshack" room framing almost completed.  We modified the GE power supply so no wires would "arc" on the inside case.  We found out about this on the MASTRII website.

The Sinclair duplexer is on site and ready to go.  We ordered a brand new DIAMOND F-22A antenna for the site.  It is almost completely built,  we will finish assembling it in the air.  The feed-line and jumpers we professionally made by Radio Works.  Hopefully the tower will be up soon and we will have temp power up to the repeater room.  Should be on the air in April... : )


(W1CRO " Augie" performs some final adjustments on the repeater).


George and I worked on setting up a portable 2-meter emergency radio station, battery powered.  we used an chassis box and J-pole antenna Augie gave us and a camera tripod I found at the shop.  George donated a Kenwood rig for the radio.  We used a paint bucket pal full of sand to make a weight so the antenna wouldn't tip over.



Construction of new MCRA tower 1 begins.  George (KC0OSF) and I took the tower we removed from the "Franks" home and repaired it and prepared the ground for mounting this weekend.  We started by pouring some 600 pounds of concrete into the ground and creating the new base for the tower.  We then installed three 6" concrete bolts for mounting the tower.  The tower took most of two days to re-weld and repair the sections we had cutoff during de-installation at the Franks residence.  We added all new hardware to the mounting sections.  The tower is now ready for mounting.   We will leave time for the concrete to setup.  George is working on the new ham shack room for the repeater.

Currently the Sinclair duplexer is shipping back from Virginia.  Big thanks to George T (K4GVT) for getting the duplexers tuned and ready to go.  Also huge thanks to Art (W1CRO) for getting them.

"Pebbles" sleeping on the deck...guarding our feed lines....yeah right!

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147.345 +  118 HZ  CTCSS Tone

Repeater Current Status: OFFLINE

The repeater is currently down while we relocate it to Log lane Village.  We will let everyone know when it is online again.  The Packet system is also OFFLINE at this time.  The area we run it is being used to tune up the Mastr II systems.


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